Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Detoxifying Foot Pads... (not really)

Hi, well as you can probably tell by the title the experiment didn't work, the pads extracted absolutely nothing. Although I may in the future repeat the experiment with fresh ingredients, that is the only thing I could see that would cause the test to fail. I took pictures for you all, and have a really good day! Sincerely, Herbal Em.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Detoxifying Foot Pads Experiment

Hi there, so I was surfing Pinterest lately and I came across a recipe for how to make detoxifying foot pads at home. I'm sure at least once you saw the commercials advertising the mass-produces versions. So for the sake of curiosity I decided to test is out, so today I made the liquid you use. The instructions call for 1 onion and "some" garlic boiled together in water for 10 minutes but I didn't have any fresh so I used dried, chopped onion and garlic powder... (Based on the "aroma" this stuff is going to be effective!) So I strained it and put it in a jar for tonight. I am planning on testing if these work by applying some of the liquid to a napkin at about the same time I apply the dampened band-aids (BIG ONES) to my feet to see if the liquid oxidises or there is a chemical interaction that causes the bandages to turn dark brown. If the napkin is white tomorrow and the band-aid isn't, I'll create and post a recipe card for you.