Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's been a while...

Hi there its me, Herbal Em. I knows its been a while but a lot had been going on. But now I’m back and things are more exciting than ever. The No Nonsense Herbalism website has been redone so that it will load better on slow internet connections and has a buss load of new content. There is a new forum, an amazon store, an herb shop and new content is still coming out every day. And the best part is that aside from the stores, my articles and videos are free to view without any payment. After all, herbalism is the province of humanity, not just the people who pay for it. So now I am going to break down exactly what has been going on lately.

The New Website:
I know I have a long history of redoing the site every few months but I've just kept trying to make it as efficient and content-rich as possible, but I finally got it. The resource library is growing and as of now there is new content to be enjoyed. I added a page with all my favorite books and my opinions of them, although I will be reviewing new herbs books as time goes on. I am also going to make my herbal videos more accessible on the site and add more videos period.

The Store:
Considering No Nonsense Herbalism is a herbal resource and that all the article content is free I thought it might be convenient for you if I offered some specially selected items for you to buy if you wanted. The amazon store is full of everything I could think of as far as what you could need for herbal medicine making (except herbs which I will get to later). Books, tools, field study gear, herb themed games, EVERYTHING! And just so you know I spent close to a week personally reviewing each and every item on the amazon store for you. And on the off chance you should find something not to your liking, amazon is well known for a generally reasonable return policy.

The Herb Shop:
Now, what would a herbal resource store would be complete without an herb shop? I am currently in the process of adding EVERY, SINGLE, HERB that I can find for you on my website. Which brings me to why you should purchase this stuff through my website.

I am able to offer these wares to you because I am an affiliate of these businesses which allows me to sell their items to you. And you get the items you like from the places you like to get them. There is no difference on your end, but in exchange I get a small commission from them. So by buying items you already get through my website you can help support No Nonsense Herbalism. To buy things through my website simply go to the “Store” page and click on the store you would like to shop and with amazon there is basically a mini page with the items I reviewed and the herb shop contains a growing list of the herbs in alphabetical order, so from there click on the herb your interested in and you will be directed to the herb’s page on Mountain Rose Herb’s Website and if you would rather shop on the main Mountain Rose Herbs website there will be a banner at the top which will take you to the main site instead of a specific herb’s page.

The NNH Forums:
Considering herbal medicine is such a complex subject I thought a forum would be a good thing to have for the good of everyone. We can all ask and answer questions and learn together.

Themed NNH Items:
I will soon be adding a section for NNH themed items such as coffee mugs, calendars, posters, t-shirts and other such things (and they will feature mostly herbs not only logos) so you can show your passion for herbal medicine and nature. I am looking forward to this one myself!

Also as I get everything back up and running you will notice a few tweaks in places like the blog sidebar. No major changes I think, I just thought I would give you a heads up.

Links to all the pages/websites I mentioned will be placed below. I hope you enjoy everything that's coming to No Nonsense Herbalism. Happy Herbing Everybody!

The NNH Forums (you will have to create an account)

(All trademarks, names, and logos are the property of their respective owners, nor Mountain rose herbs are owned by No Nonsense Herbalism.)

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