Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Introduction to the Basics of Herbalism

Hello, today considering this is my first post on this blog I thought I would explain the more basic ideas and concepts of herbalism.
The Connections Between Man and Earth
Herbalism it a way of connecting with nature in a way that was long ago forgotten. The connection between earth and man is inherent in the human nature. When we were created, all the plants and herbs we needed to live long and healthy lives were also brought into existence. And as the centuries passed, man forgot the ways that caused them to thrive and over time, we began to think of them as “obsolete” or “old-fashioned” and as we did, our health as a people began to fail as well. In many ways modern medicine, though extremely useful in emergencies, is beginning to reach it’s limits. So we need to begin to re-learn ways to heal with plants and herbs so that one day, we might regain the health and vigor that is slowly slipping from us.
Approaches to Herbalism
Herbal medicine has many approaches, some more spiritual or scientific than others. But all have one thing in common, all systems of herbal medicine are designed to help, heal, and reinforce the human body and its health. But it is not only beneficial to humans. Animals can also benefit from herbal medicine, but that’s another post. :) I look at herbs from a more scientific stand point, this assures me that herbs are used on a basis of “this herbs treats that symptom because of its constituents”. Although some go by a system of energetics which is more of “this herbs treats that symptom because this energy balances that one…” But as I said earlier, a scientific approach has served me well.
The Basics of Herbal Medicine Making
Making herbal medicine is an easy thing to do, though not to be taken lightly. It is a wonderful way to keep you, and your friends and family healthy and happy for years to come. So here are some basic tips to note. They’ll make your herbal adventures much easier, less confusing, and much safer.

  1. Know your plants! Having a basic, but through knowledge of your herbs and their properties. As well as being able to recognize the leafs, scents, and flowers. Is essential to making herbal preparations.
  2. Be Organized! Always label your jars and bottles with the date, herb, and what the herbs is infusing in (oil, vodka, vinegar, etc.) And DON’T FORGET! Mystery remedies are NOT a good thing.
  3. Know the dosage! Knowing how much remedy to administer or apply will keep you from accidentally poisoning or sickening your friends or neighbors.
  4. Don’t Freak Out! I am sure that some of the previous tips sounded a bit… intimidating. But if you’ve done your homework you will be fine. When you look at it, herbal medicine is no more dangerous then modern medicine, and you aren’t scared of that. So take a deep breath. And if your not sure, read it again.
Herbalism is about making life as healthy and natural as possible. And going back to nature is good, and right in every way you can. So I hope you enjoyed my first post and I hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Herbal Em

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