Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Common Sense vs. Paranoia in Herbalism

As strange as it might seem to some, herbal medicine can be a rather terrifying adventure. One look at the big picture and instantly a little voice in your head starts asking questions like “Are you sure?” or “What if your wrong?”. These little questions can be both horrifying and discouraging.

But the thing about it is, if you know your herbs, and your using something harmless like Lavender or Basil. These fears are pretty much void. Knowing when these questions were true or false took me ages to learn. There is nothing like doing studying and playing with herbs and remedies and suddenly the bliss being broken with a paralyzing fear of a dangerous mistake, even though your 125% sure you got the right herb. So in an effort to help some of you ease your fears or hopefully conquer them all together I thought I would share some comforting tid-bits.

Firstly, herbal medicine is nothing to be scared of to begin with. When you think about it, there are ALWAYS safe herbs that we can use, so there is virtually no need use dangerous or poisonous ones. And if your a wild-crafter, if you know your plants and have studied well, you will be fine. Granted that you must ALWAYS be cautious when wild-crafting, but still fear should never out-weigh good, hard, rational knowledge. And if you are just to nervous to use it, throw it out and pick some more. 

Secondly, when you get right down to it, herbal medicine is no more dangerous than modern medicine. Less dangerous, actually. So if you have a swollen cut and you see some plantain and you know it would heal up your cut then pick it and use it. Herbs have sustained humanity medically for thousands of years so why would it harm you now?

Thirdly, paranoia is not reason! If you know something is good, you are sure what it is, and you can use it. Then you have no reason to be afraid. In fact being afraid probably makes you make more mistakes. So just start with small and simple things, and then continue up the ladder as you feel you can. Although be warned, confidence is not a license for recklessness. 

I hope this helped you. And if you liked this or if it helped you to put a few dents in your fears then like and comment, or even message me! I would love to hear your stories.

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