Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rose Vinegar: Soothes Sunburns!!!

Rose vinegar is EASY to make, and has as many uses as there are stars in the sky... well maybe not quite that many. How to make it? Fill a jar half full with dried rose petals or leaves, or fill it full with fresh petals and/or leaves. Fill to the top with good, quality apple cider vinegar. Top with a PLASTIC lid so the vinegar dosen't eat through a metal one, it turns it black! (And its not to good to but disolved canning lid on your sunburn!) Then let it sit in a safe place for 2-6 weeks. It should turn a shade of reddish pink to bright red depending on the color of the petals.

Uses for Rose Vinegar:

Soak a cloth a solution of 1 part vinegar to 7-10 part water. It can be applied to the forehead for headaches (especially thouse caused by head), wrapped around a spranged ankle, or used to wash bug bites and heat rashes. It is excellent for pulling heat from an inflaimed area in a short amount of time. It is REALLY good for rapidly quenching the reddness and pain from sunburn! A medium if caught within the first 24 hours can literally be ERASED in three of four applications of vinegar. Even when there is the threat of sun poisoning  and blistering skin it can and lessen the pain and reduce the trauma to the body. While NOT a replacment for emergency car for HORRIBLY sunburns, it is always MASSIVELY helpfull!

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