Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rose and Wild Cherry Liniment

This is a recipe from my recipe book that I thought I would share with you.Wild Cherry bark and Rose petals. They both come from the Rose family which are sometimes referred to as "yarfas". The Rose family is sedative, and anti-inflammatory. They promote healing, increase circulation, reduce the temperature of a localized area, and they stop spasms. Rose and Cherry are best used when there is pain, local irritation, and heat. They're soothing and cooling, great for more acute situations but less great for chronic issues that have gotten cold and stiff.

Wild Cherry and Rose Liniment:

1 part Chokecherry bark tincture
1 part Rose petal tincture (Wild or another fragrant species.)

Combine, and apply generously to the afflicted area. Easy? You could also macerate equal parts of both plants in rubbing-alcohol for a cheap but smelly solution. You could add whole rose hips for a stronger affect.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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