Sunday, January 6, 2013

Double-Infused Elder Bark Bruise Salve

Peel off the outer-most bark and allow to sit in a warm, dry place for three days to reduce the moisture content. After that divide it into two equal piles. Add one pile of bark into a preheated double boiler, cover with oil, and let it infuse for about two hours. After that strain off the oil and add the second pile of bark to the double boiler and add the infused oil back into the pot for another two hours. (You might need to top of the oil a bit the second time around.) After that strain off the oil dispose of the second batch of bark like the first, ADD IT TO THE COMPOST! Take the finished oil and again in the double boiler, add 1 ounce of bees wax to every 8 ounces of oil. Once melted together pour it into tins and allow it to cool (Do NOT forget to label.)

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